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A Center for Personal Development

If you could chart your family’s course in life…

What would it be?

Give your family the proven rode map to success… Let Master Gohring’s Tai Chi and Kung Fu help you and your children develop the strength, confidence self-mastery skills to deal effectively with the challenges, choices complexities of life.

Allow us to enrich and enhance your lives with…
• Increased attention to courtesy respect
• Bolstered self confidence self image
• Improved focus productivity at work school
• Better health, flexibility physical condition

We’ll help defend your children from…
• Bad manners poor grades
• Inappropriate peer group pressures
• Childhood obesity inactivity
• School bullies child abduction

We focus our basic martial arts curriculum on children and families, while still providing a highly comprehensive training program for the serious martial artist.

Call 512-422-4245 for a FREE Black Sash Leadership Lesson and receive a "VIP" coupon worth $100 OFF our Basic Membership Package, plus a FREE Uniform.



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