Welcome to the EK Alliance web page.

The campaign has started!

It is just under four weeks till the electorate of Scotland goes to the polls, here in South Lanarkshire the campaign by the East Kilbride Alliance has started in earnest. We will deliver up to 26,000 candidate leaflets, put up 800 posters and give away 12,000 greenbacks. Greenback are the alliance currency these pounding notes promise if you give us your vote we will put the GREEN BACK into East Kilbride.

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Welcome to our web site and thank you for being interested and taking the time to look.

We are a local political party interested in local people and local issues. We were established to give a voice to the people in East Kilbride district.

East Kilbride is the largest population centre in South Lanarkshire and we believe it is the economic generator in the region. We create wealth in East Kilbride district and see a disproportionate amount of it being spent elsewhere. Some will argue that this is democracy, but we see it as asset stripping for political advantage.

It is our opinion that the present council are prepared to devastate East Kilbride district by allowing unrestrained development, ignore the principles of the founding fathers of East Kilbride to segregate residential and industrial areas and to neglect the basic needs of local health care, education and leisure for the people.

The present council appear prepared to sacrifice the interests of the people and small businesses in East Kilbride district to satisfy the whims of big business. Let us not forget that big business is important, but they are only one stakeholder in this town and history has often shown that big business has more loyalty to the balance sheet than to the people dependant on them for their livelihood.

We believe that we may be the first local political party in Scotland. For the first time this will offer the electorate of East Kilbride and surrounding area a choice between local people forming a local party to deal with local issues that listen and candidates from national parties who will toe the party line.

However it may not just be the people of East Kilbride and surrounding area which benefits from this change. Our action to stand up for local issues seems to have rippled further a field, we believe many areas in South Lanarkshire may find they have independent candidates standing in their areas.

Watch this space, one local independent candidate can fight the council,
but lots of  local independent candidates could form the council.

Get a real voice, get an Alliance councillor in your area.

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